On the first day we're hiking to the Vernall Falls.

A rainy day in the valley. Amazing views from top of the mountains
Halfdome by sunset       Halfdome surrounded by clouds. Nice looking girls.

Touched by clouds.


That's our tent. Nice, but chilly during the night. So don't forget your sleepingbag!


A real native American! Frinedly and knows lots of  interesting things.

The "hunters".  

BätramThe creature: "Bärtram".

It was very hard to get close. Bärtram did not like the cameras. It was a really steep way up Yosemite falls. We met other animals on our way. Even after a day of rain, there was no water falling down Yosemite Falls! At this point we gave up the plan, to pour in our drinkingwater. On the way back home we visited Sequoia trees. Huge, big, old, ... amazing.