Some Info


I was born in Transylvania (Agnetheln <rom: Agnita>), spent a nice part of my childhood in Leschkirch <rom: Nocrich> and grew up in Bavaria, Germany to where I moved in 1981.

I studied Avionics and Aeronautics in Munich, at the UniBW, a nice location where I had a good time.

Later I went on nice grey German Ships and sailed to a few nice areas of the world. Mostly the Mediterranean, the North and Baltic Sea, but also the Atlantic. There are some really great moments being out at sea, sailing into the sunset or towards the rising sun, now and then surrounded by dolphins or whales. But being on the bridge in the Atlanic ocean, seeing no ships for several hours or even days, you start wondering what a great time you could spend in a crowded club.

To make it short: Luck struck me. First I found a great woman and then, I got the chance to come to Monterey, California to study again (at the NPS) and to experience America.


All I can say till now is, it's expensive, but I enjoy it being around. It's different from Europe, which is good, so there's a lot to explore!

Iīd be glad to seeing you soon. Take the chance and email me.

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