Here are some of our early adventures in the USA:

Sailing; San Francisco; Camping; Los Angeles


A Transylvaninan in the

USA - Adventures



 On one of the weekends, Martin and his wife Sandra took us out sailing on the Pacific - it became a very nice trip.

  I met Frank, Martins american sponsor. We discovered, that both of us have been on trips around the Mediterranean during our deployments on ships assigned to NATO SNFM/SNFL (me on the FGS Emden in 95 an 96 and on FGS Bayern in 99; sorry, I forgot the name of  Franks ship). We saw sealions, seagulls and a sailingboat losing it's rigg. (It was an emergency-that's why we took no pictures!)




Apart from sailing we like exploring nature: the coast somewehre along the 17 miles drive.

                                                                            or the hills of Big Sur.




   Steve, my american sponsor and his family, at the international picnic in Laguna Seca.   

Good barbecue. Typical american food and drinks. No Alcohol in Public. Which wasn't bad as all, since I was driving.

Exploring big cities is great fun:

  We definitely have to go again to San Francisco. Chinatown was interesting, the bridge is a must an it was worth waiting in line more than an hour to finally get on the famous cable car. You really should go to Chinatown by cab and take the cablecar afterwards, at one of the stops in the vicinity. Climbing on at one of the end stops will be a hard time waiting in line!!

  After driving down Lombard street, which was soooo great, we did it twice, I had  to take a picture that dispays the steepness of a lot of SF's streets. It's really great fun driving around. Unfortunately it's expensive once you try to leave the car for a couple of hours.


Living in Monterey:

   An impression of our house in Monterey before the arrival of our furniture. The living room, the deck and the garage.




Camping in the U.S.A. is dangerous! A little adventure.

   In late August we decided to go to San Jose, to a waterparc. We left Monterey on Friday, went shopping in the outlet stores in Gilroy. Bad fortune send us some hints of what might follow! Nina did not find anything to buy!! But I did!!!

Late afternoon we proceede to San Jose, found the waterparc and started to look for a campingground to stay overnight. Nina and I like camping, at least form time to time (Once every 2 to 3 years!?) We climbed the hills to the east on a beautiful narrow and steep road. A good road for a Ford Explorer. On the other side of the hill we found a nice camping ground an put up the tent.

We were prepared quite well. We had everything excemt a mattress to smoothen the sleep on bare ground and food! Having only a few cookies left, we decided to do the trip over the hill again and go to my favourite: Karl's Junior (which happend to be much better in Monterrey, Mexico, where I first discovered this type of restaurant).



Going downhill bad luck hit us the second time this day. We observed a strange smell: the front brakes were overheating, as the transmission was bad and would not support the engine to break/hold. We waited half an hour and started again. This time I let the car go as fast as I could handle the narrow road and tight curves. It worked and apart from this small inconvenience, we had a terrific view on the citylights below.

After we finished dinner, I cooled the brakes with water from a gas station and we went back, up the steep hill to the camping ground.

As I wanted to enter, I realisezed that the gate was closed. But we had our tent inside and we read somewhere that it wa dangereous to sleep in the car near the road. So I decided to be flexible and act in a southern european way. I entered the exit gate, still being open.

A bad idea in the US!!!! No, it was not the police to be concerned of!

It were SPIKES:   !!!!!!  



I stopped after Nina sayed there's a strange noise. She was right. Extreme "air pressure release on three of four wheels"! I hurried up the way to the tent and we "made it". We (me especially) had a bad night and in the morning I called AAA.

   The guy who came was very friendly and took us to a garage in town. We bougth one used tire and had two repaired. Then we went to the waterpark and send a few nice hours, trying to enjoy the sun, the water and the slides, and to forget about the last night.

However, I learned something: camping in California can become quite expensive! It's nice though, but it's dangereous as well!

Los Angeles:

   The next big trip was better. Still having a bad transmission we went to the south, to Los Angeles.

   In Santa Barbara and in it's vicinity all campinggrounds were full. So we took a hotel. Small but nice.

The next day we went on a tour around the town

We saw the old courthouse.

 Went down the shopping street.  We ate in a good french restaurant. But even in here they did not have the real Éclaire!



 And then we had a look at the beach!



In the late afternoon we started off for L.A.


Finally: LA!

    A lot of different impressions. It's really a big city. And there are a lot of interesting spots. A lot to discover.

 And there are SPIKES toooooooo!! But this time I was prepared!

Venice Beach was superb. A lot of different people and a lot of different things going on.

Muscle contest, basketball games, music contest, selling, advertising ....




And sun, sun, sun, fun, fun, fun.


The walk of fame , Arnold Schwarzenegger   , the Chinese Theater  and Joda:






   We also did a trip to Hollywood:        


It was a nice weekend and the car ran smoothly. Except for the first miles. The engine being cold, the transmission would not shift. But as soon as it did once, no more problems....

At the moment we're riding the bike! We have the transmission rebuild! Very very expensive! Try and buy german cars. At least if youre scope is not to experience the american way of life. Unfortunately for my savings I do have this scope!