1. The Monitor: 
    A brief review of it's history, from the point of it's meaning to today's Navy. Written under the perspective to find something out about America.

  2. Motivierende Kommunikation:   
    In German. Describes ways to communicate in an motivational manner.

  3. Book report on "In-line / On-line,  Fundamentals of the  INTERNET  and the World Wide Web",  second edition; by Raymond Greenlaw & Ellen Hepp published by MCGraw-Hill Higher Education in 2002

  4. Roar of the Pacific in Monterey Bay

  5. Multiply: Java applet to practice basic multiplication  [requires Java plugin]

  6. DrawShapes: Java applet that draws lines, rectangles and ovals in random places.

  7. Game of Fermi: Java application, that generates 3 secret numbers and let's you try to guess them -- it's fun. Try!
    (And it was hard work)

  8. Data Manager: Java application  using a Binary Search Tree or an AVL Tree  as a small data base. [requires Java plugin]